9 strategic services every creative agency should offer

Strategic services - creative agency

Businesses large and small may consider taking their marketing efforts to the next level with help from a creative or marketing agency. Experts in anything and everything that comes to marketing, a creative agency can help identify new strategies for a client’s business and implement a marketing plan to achieve their goals. Trends within the agency industry are always changing, but here are nine of the strategic services your agency should offer today to attract clients of all sizes and specialties.

1. Audience Identification

First and foremost, an agency should be able to create an audience profile for a business. This can be accomplished through guidance from the business in addition to independent research about the industry. This is the first step in developing a strategic marketing plan because without a target audience an entire campaign is aimless.

2. Competitor Analysis

Similarly, an agency should run research on a client’s competitors. What other businesses are succeeding in can be used as inspiration, while common mistakes can be avoided. A client wants to stand out from the competition as well. So making sure their marketing materials are unique but still on brand for the industry is crucial. Understanding what competitors are doing right can also help a client set firmer goals, like aiming to beat a competitor’s search engine rankings.

3. Lead Generation

HubSpot’s Inbound Report found 63% of companies consider generating traffic and leads as one of their top marketing challenges. Agencies can work with call analytics partners for a review of best performing inbound calls and be provided with a resources and tools to generate more inbound call leads. Utilizing this service alongside real-time routing allows inbound leads to be handled with speed and efficiency.

4. Increase Call Volume

Most businesses rely on inbound calls to generate these aforementioned leads. An agency may not realize they can easily help their client achieve this with a toll free number. Using RapidRecall inbound call volume can increase 25%-69%. A memorable toll free number is easier for a customer to remember, just like a memorable website domain name can drive organic searches.

5. Social Media Engagement

Sporadic posts on your business’s Facebook page are probably not generating the customer interactions you desire. A marketing agency should be delivering your content to the platforms your target audience is occupying – and it’s not always the big three of Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. In fact, HubSpot reports LinkedIn is the most effective social media platform for generating leads.

6. Search Engine Optimization

Having an optimized SEO strategy can help you rank higher in search engines that drive 93% of all website traffic according to SEOTribunal. A higher ranking can be achieved by changing some of the content and functions of your website to make it more relevant and easier to navigate for the customer. The same report found that a successful SEO strategy can result in a 14.6% conversion rate for customers compared to the 1.7% conversion rate for common outbound methods.

7. Call Tracking

Call tracking is a simple implementation that can be really beneficial to a business and agencies alike. When marketing materials are being released through multiple media channels, call tracking can help identify which one is bringing in the most leads. Along with this, call tracking can provide demographics on callers. This can help an agency create a more targeted approach, especially if their initial audience identification and channels of communication aren’t providing the desired results.

8. Customer Relationship Management

Whether they are new or returning, a business wants to be assured they are providing the best experience for their customers. While face-to-face client interaction usually occurs in-house, marketing agencies can assist businesses with their social media communications and online complaints. Call recordings also offer businesses and agencies the opportunity to understand what CRM methods are working well and alert them of any red flags.

9. Data Analytics

How will your client know your marketing efforts are working without any evidence to back up your claim? Not all marketing efforts will result in a measurable increase in sales. Especially early on, some measurements of a campaigns success come from increases in website traffic and calls. Make sure to share these milestones with your client. For example, provide them the hard data from when you released a blog post their organic searches improved by a specific amount.

For easier data review and analysis, how you compile the data matters too. Integrations into other programs so you can see everything in one spot makes your reporting and analysis easier and more complete. Flexible open API programs can integrate with your sales software, CRM programs, phone system, and more to help your agency get the complete picture.

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