Integrate call tracking with marketing automation

marketing automation

Perhaps you run a small business whose PPC campaign is well underway, and you’re gathering all kinds of valuable information about your customers through call tracking.

Next, you might invest in a marketing automation platform — think Eloqua, Marketo or Pardot — that can integrate your PPC results with a wide range of other data stemming from your website, email, social media, blogs and other channels. Such CRM systems efficiently automate your marketing by continually incorporating real-time PPC data about who’s responding, adding in relevant audience information from outside sources and personalizing your outgoing content and messages accordingly. Along the way, they create helpful and easy-to-understand charts and graphs allowing you to identify, score and nurture leads with the goal of increasing conversion rates. In addition to helping you structure marketing campaigns through other channels, that intelligence can be invested right back into your PPC campaign, helping you segment interested audiences even more closely.

Oracle, which produces Eloqua, found in one study of B2B organizations that such lead-scoring systems increased close rates by an average of 30 percent, company revenue by 18 percent and revenue per deal by 17 percent. Other examples of how users of Eloqua, Marketo and Pardot have maximized those platforms for their marketing campaigns include:

– Johnson & Johnson’s informational site BabyCenter LLC uses an Oracle platform to target its marketing campaign toward pregnant women; once it knows a customer’s due date and user preferences, it tailors email content toward subjects of interest during each week of her pregnancy.

– Real estate advertising site implements Marketo to combine audience profile data with detailed property descriptions for personalized customer recommendations. Customers now receive single (but regular) mobile-optimized email messages with listings so the site doesn’t “over-contact” them with info. The company has since doubled its click-through rate, with a 700 percent increase in revenue per click.

– Airline SurfAir uses Pardot’s Salesforce to create, qualify and nurture new leads, customizing interactions with prospects based on their histories.

– Employment listing website SnagaJob used an Oracle platform to switch from “batch and blast” email campaigns to segmented strategies generating more than $15,000 in bookings and increased attendance at an annual customer event. The resulting measurement of ROI has led to more campaign funding.

– Michigan event venue Palace Sports & Entertainment uses Marketo to tailor email and social media messages, recently increasing season ticket renewals by 90 percent over two seasons and logging a 132 percent annual e-marketing sales increase. The platform records which events consumers attend; tracks website views; leverages social networking data to identify fans’ favorite players or artists; automates birthday campaigns, etc.

With the availability of such vast consumer intelligence, businesses that are able to quickly reach their most viable customers have an increasing advantage over their competitors. Consider checking out a CSM platform as another tool in your marketing strategy.

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