It’s 2020… Optimize Your Business with Today’s Tech!

Optimize Your Business with Today’s Tech

Is your brand leveraging the tech-tools available to measure business metrics? If not, you are behind the better-informed competition.

Today, companies have unprecedented access to the statistics that could improve their performance. Unfortunately, many executives are stuck in their old-fashioned ways. There was a time they could “go with their gut” and ignore the stats, but times have changed and utilizing them is required to compete.

It’s 2020; there are endless lines of code producing incredibly useful data. Take the first step and identify which is most important to you…

Which business aspects will impact your company this year?

  • This could be any function including marketing, support, operations, sales, engineering, etc. If you’re just getting started, focus on the top 5 most impactful metrics.
  • Aim high with the most quantifiable goals you wish to track. There are numerous options to automate performance tracking of any aspect in your business. Be sure to keep goals non-subjective; a random person should be able to tell whether they’ve been met, or not.
  • Find tools delivering real-time feedback with integration options. Enabling data to seamlessly collide in a consumable format allows for quick and frequent access that will optimize strategy tweaks. RingSquared, as an example, consolidates drive-to-call advertising response data as it’s happening with KPIs ranging from which media makes the phone ring to revenue by phone call.
  • Establish your culture by measuring performance metrics against company goals with employees. Every single person pushing your brand towards these goals appreciates transparency.
  • Evaluate your tools regularly. Any effort or capital expense toward collecting data should be adding value. If not, an evaluation will allow you to access if you’re using the tool to its full capacity or if there are new and better tools available.

Today’s tech empowers brands to take full advantage of the data that will directly impact their growth and separate themselves from the competition.

Talk to RingSquared about how cost-effective, data-gathering tools help brands make better marketing decisions.