What are the Best Toll Free Numbers?

Best Toll Free Numbers

All toll-free numbers are not created equal! In fact, studies show that a better-built toll free number can help lift in-bound response for advertisers by 20, 30, even 50% or more. But what makes a great toll free number?

Below are three questions every advertiser should ask themselves about the numbers they are currently using.

Is your number an 800-prefix toll-free number?

Eight hundred (800) prefix numbers had a 20-year head start on those that followed after it. In simple terms if you are using a toll-free number that starts with an 888, 877, 866 or 855 prefix, you are operating at a significant disadvantage.

How do we know this?

Because with a bank of over 50,000 toll-free numbers we see thousands upon thousands of misdials come in against the 800-prefix versions of numbers that are advertised. Think of 800 as the dot com of toll-free number prefixes.

Is your toll-free number “chunkable”?

If it isn’t you could also be doing yourself a disservice. But let’s define what mean by “chunkable”: in simple terms, can your number can organized in such a way that a consumer can commit it to memory in three or four chunks of information? Again, this is why an 800-prefix is easier to recall: “eight-hundred” is one chunk whereas “eight-seven-seven” is really three digits or chunks of information.

Examples of easily chunkable numbers include:

Thousand number series (e.g. -1000)
Numbers that sound like dates (e.g., -1988)
Repeaters (e.g. -2020)