Call Routing – The Ball is in Your Court

Call Routing – The Ball

We place the call routing decision ball in your court, before executing your growth strategy. RingSquared helps clients determine the call routing solution that best serves client interests. By deciding how you want your calls routed, and making a few clicks, you send your phone traffic to exactly where you want it to go.

But before we get crazy, let’s first answer the most frequently asked questions about call routing.

What is AccuRoute®?

RingSquared offers a trademarked feature called AccuRoute® that serves as the nerve center of our call routing program. We spread phone calls across multiple servers to ensure all of business calls route to the intended destinations.

AccuRoute routes calls by considering several parameters, which include:

  • Time of day and week
  • Geographic location
  • Customer service agent availability

You experience the ultimate call routing service experience, as our team of call routing professionals manage every facet of your call routing system, from setting up the service to providing daily reports that help you refine the call routing program.

What are the Benefits of Call Routing?

Entrepreneurs need to be as efficient as possible in their workday. Call routing eliminates the time wasting effort of answering phone calls that have no relevance to what you need to do. For example, a customer call made to inquire about a weekly discount special should route to the customer service toll free number. Customers do not want to wait on hold for the right employee to handle their inquiries. They want immediate contact with the person that has the information they need.

Call routing makes sure customers never wait for help and receive prompt attention from the right small business personnel. Accurate call routing goes a long way towards converting potential customers into lifelong patrons of your business.

What Makes RingSquared Different?

Although our name suggests a dedication to creating 800 toll free numbers, we go well beyond what conventional toll free number business do for their clients. Creating 800 numbers involve much more that coming up with a few digits; it involves the development of the entire telephone network and infrastructure.

AccuRoute call routing works for every type of call center, which gives our clients the flexibility to select call routing centers that match business objectives. We do not receive financial incentives to send calls to specific call centers; you receive call routing services that place your business goals above everything else.

The call centers that RingSquared works with have passed meticulous scrutiny based on merit and performance. We do not implement agent level routing to ensure human emotion and intelligence shines through during call center interactions.

Who Should Businesses Contact?

To find out more about AccuRoute call routing services, contact us online or call 800-700-1987 to get started today.