Why Tax Preparers (and any Service Businesses) Need a Memorable Toll Free Number

Why Tax Preparers (a

The busiest time of the year for tax preparers has arrived. Frantic clients flock to tax preparation businesses to learn about the latest government allowed deductions and faster ways to depreciate business assets.

However, the influx of new business before April 15th does not guarantee thriving businesses for every tax preparer that has memorized the tax code. In fact, tax preparers still must market their services to stand out in a crowded field of income tax specialists. And, the best way to do this and to generate more business is by acquiring memorable toll free numbers.

The Benefits of Memorable Toll Free Numbers

Memorable toll free numbers represent one of the most cost-effective ways of getting the word out about your tax preparation business. Instead of investing in expensive print and television ads, you reach more of your audience by spending less on memorable toll free numbers.

Give Your Marketing Strategy a Boost

Easy-to-remember toll free numbers provide you with quick word-of-mouth advertising, in addition to traditional marketing channels such as TV and radio. Loyal customers pass along your memorable toll free numbers to friends and family members who in turn, mention your vanity numbers to more potential customers. In a short time, word of your tax preparation business spreads like a wildfire.

What Goes Around Comes Around…with Call Routing

Many small businesses and services businesses, including tax preparers have more than one office; therefore, call routing services can prove to be extremely helpful and useful for these businesses and customers. Call routing ensures that callers are routed to a particular tax preparer or business office nearest to them, offering them flexibility and convenience.

Additionally, call routing can also assist businesses with staffing. The tracking data pulled from call routing software will enable businesses to see where and when call flow is heaviest in order to staff accordingly.

Tax Preparers Put the “T” in Trust

It takes a lot for a complete stranger to trust you with confidential financial information; therefore, the primary goal of any marketing strategy involves building trust. Memorable 800 numbers first establish your tax preparation business as a credible resource that helps clients trim their tax liabilities.

Memorable toll free numbers nail home the message that you’re there to get the most money back for your clients. Once you establish personal and professional credibility, new clients trust you enough to pass along your credentials to friends and family members.

To learn more about how memorable toll free numbers can attract more tax preparation business, contact RingSquared today to answer your questions and to get started.