Your Caller’s Experience Matters…

Caller’s Experience Matters

Managing today’s economic climate has business owners realizing the importance of how they interact with their market. As 2020 rolls into summer, brands will be revisiting their strategy for landing great clients.

Consumers will always seek out the problem solvers over product pitchers and want that personal touch. Since there is nothing more personal than a phone call, it is crucial for each business to take control of their inbound call routing.

The callers experience reflects conversions… Create a solid foundation to capitalize on every inbound call.

  1. Simple settings like “time of day routing” ensures that your caller gets to the right person, no matter what time of day they call. This enables companies with multiple locations, coast to coast, to send calls appropriately based on time zones.
  2. For businesses with multiple locations, delivering callers to the “store nearest you” offers that local and personal feel consumers are looking for. As an example, numerous franchises send callers to hundreds of different locations based on the zip code entered by the caller or automatically by their caller ID.
  3. Each caller must get to the right person and as fast as possible. You will have easy access to the Ring-To numbers that your memorable 800 numbers are forwarding calls to. This empowers you to make changes and adjustments as needed.
  4. The right tech adds endless value to businesses with bigger call distribution channels. Access to real-time call reports allows marketers to shift routing in seconds, maximizing campaign performance. For those continuously making daily changes, RingSquared integrates with almost any CRM allowing clients to dictate routing via live API calls.

Across today’s options of tech-based marketing channels, phone calls produce the highest conversion rates proving to be important for every business. Embracing inbound calls and routing callers effectively will help you cut costs, make better marketing decisions, and drive more revenue.

Talk to RingSquared about AccuRoute® to see the difference when you improve your caller’s experience!