4 technology tools your agency needs to better manage projects

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Technology has no doubt become an agency’s best asset for managing projects across departments and industries. Internally, agencies rely on the best project management tools to share work and keep track of progress and deadlines. But today, agencies also need to consider how their clients can interact with their systems to see updates and request revisions.

While there’s plenty of software available to assist in project management, very little is ever said about the specific tools they provide. Most software focuses on schedule planning and faster communications. Though these are essential for project management, your agency should also be aware of the unique instruments that affect other aspects of project control. After analyzing some of the top project management programs, here are four specific technology tools your agency needs to better manage projects.

1. Callview360

When marketing materials are released through multiple channels, it can be difficult for agencies to track which are resulting in leads. Callview360, a solution for call tracking, can identify the medium of a call by channel or any other desired label to easily determine which advertisements are resulting in leads. Considering the average consumer in the U.S. is exposed to roughly 5,000 advertisements a day, according to LinkedIn, it is important to know which of your advertisements consumers are responding too. This information can change the direction of a project and help with executive decisions to move forward or halt further advertisements. Callview360’s highly customizable platform gives agencies and their clients real-time updates on spending and effectiveness of a campaign to help them manage their work.

2. Resource management technology

Utilizing a resource management tool is one of the best ways to ensure that time and money is being managed appropriately for a project. In fact, it is widely accepted that time is a company’s best resource followed by money. Scheduling tools that can be shared throughout the office are a great way to block out time for work and meetings that are convenient for the majority, but do not solve the problem of delegating time to see a project to completion. Software that emphasizes resource management above all else can help everyone at your agency see resource assignments, deliver live updates, and track time-off and project budgets.

With analytics provided by other tools such as Callview360, an agency can manage any changes to the project through one platform. Real-time updates allow a project to run smoothly and diminishes the chances of work being miscommunicated or repeated. Miscommunication leads to wasted time, which is a drain on the most precious resource an agency possesses. A resource management tool for your agency allows for projects to run efficiently while making use of data from other tools.

3. VoIP solutions

Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) technology is rapidly being adopted by agencies and businesses wanting to reshape their workflow and optimize marketing campaigns. Rapid News Network forecasts that the corporate consumers segment for VoIP systems will reach 204.8 billion subscribers by 2020, up from 98.9 billion in 2012. Agencies can utilize the data-driven insights that this technology tool provides to assist in their marketing and sales efforts on behalf of their client. Alongside the many other benefits of a VoIP for business, having access to a wide array of communication features helps employees stay connected with each other and with their clients no matter where they are for more efficient project planning.

4. Mind mapping

Mind mapping on pen and paper has long been used as a strategy to unlock creativity, according to Forbes. In 2019, technology has brought mind mapping to the web with tools and templates for agencies looking to streamline the creative process. Having a mind map available online allows it to be shared among team members and with the client. This is crucial for showing clients how ideas have progressed over time and is a great tool to identify the timeline and flow of a project.

RingSquared offers tools for project management and more

Through multiple interviews, Forbes’ “15 Great Project Management Tools for Agencies” concludes that most standalone applications will miss a key component for project management. If you are looking for assistance with project management within your agency it may be best to shop around to create a diverse portfolio of software and tools that best fit your needs.

Project management extends beyond scheduling and communications – many of RingSquared’s agency partners utilize our services to help enhance their clients’ marketing. Providing analytics and understanding demographics are key components to any project, and we can provide the tools that can be easily utilized by you and your clients. To learn more about how partnering with RingSquared can improve your agency’s or business’s project management, contact a representative today.