Blarney! Luck of the Irish can’t counter bad data


Faith and begorrah — don’t tell us you’re still relying on guesswork and intuition for your B2B marketing strategy.

Even the luck of the Irish can’t help you if you don’t use current, accurate data to determine how to spend your marketing and advertising dollars. And bad data — defined loosely as missing, incorrect or duplicated information — is a significant issue in the marketing world, according to Sirius Research. A recent survey found 10 to 25 percent of B2B marketing databases contain critical errors, primarily due to questionable contact info for leads, which affects marketing automation results and deliverability.

The wrong info can corrupt an entire marketing campaign if a company overestimates its viable leads, fails to characterize its target audience or misjudges clients’ pain points. Sirius concluded those dependent on such information need to focus more on ongoing data maintenance if they wish to avoid corruption of their entire marketing campaigns.

“Bad data is data that gets in your way,” writes Q. Ethan McCallum in his  “Bad Data Handbook.” “There are so many ways to get there, from cranky storage to poor representation to misguided policy. It’s data that eats up your time, causes you to stay late at the office, drives you to tear out your hair in frustration.”

As such, an entire industry exists just for data cleaning or scrubbing of corrupt or inaccurate records. But software like CallView360® can negate such problems by helping you stage a PPC campaign from start to finish, strategizing phone numbers and ad placement beforehand, and then efficiently gathering constantly updated and easy-to-follow graphs and charts on the calls and callers themselves. The data includes everything from caller demographics and contact info to the time, length and result of each call.

That extra intelligence on callers also allows your sales force to customize B2B sales pitches, following up later with additional info as CallView360® tracks the more complex ROI inherent in long-term B2B relationships. Business clients generally want more details about your product, are subject to a longer chain of command for decision making and take longer to buy. As such, they generally appreciate a contact who can consistently answer questions.

Another major benefit: The system allows you to frequently test aspects of your B2B campaign to see which sources are bringing in the best results, and immediately tweak your campaign in response. Changes might include keywords; ad copy, size and placement; mediums being used; audiences being targeted; products being promoted; calling center strategies and other factors.

Learn more about how CallView360 can help you overcome bad data issues at www.RingSquaredcom/.