Give Your Business An Early Holiday Present: Call Tracking Plans For Every Marketing Channel

Business Call Tracking Plans, every Marketing Channel

When planning for the upcoming Holiday season marketers can usually rely on last year’s trends to create their marketing plan. If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s that we must expect the unexpected and be willing to adjust campaigns to meet the current needs of our audience. Although a lot has changed this year, the time tested and humble phone call has not only proven itself as an essential marketing tool but has had a very positive impact on those companies paying attention to inbound calls. As we push through the fourth quarter and look ahead to the New Year, here are three strategies for using Call Tracking to set your business up for success now and in 2021.  

  1. Track your Holiday Marketing Campaigns in Real-time

Every phone call left untracked is a present left unopened. Inbound calls to businesses have been on the rise for some time according to research done by BIA/Kelsey, with over 162 billion calls made to business last year. Call tracking has a multitude of effective features to help you identify quality leads from your inbound calls. As every marketer knows, identifying the lead is the beginning of the sales journey, to use call tracking to its full potential, you should monitor your leads every step of the way – from creation, to qualification, to conversion. (probably needs some formatting adjustment). 

  1. Maximize your Digital Holiday Marketing ROI with DNI Call Tracking 

When marketing materials are released through multiple channels, it can be difficult to track which are resulting in leads. With Call Tracking’s Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), you will get instant lead source attribution of organic, PPC, referral/affiliate, social and direct lead source, finally giving you clear results on your digital marketing spend. Implementing DNI into your marketing is simple with no programmer needed. Implement the script with Google Tag Manager, or add it directly to your website. DNI will then automatically update the phone number on your website with a tracking number that will deliver the web source and key digital data points with your inbound call data. 

  1. Make it Easier for your Customers to Connect with you this Holiday Season and Beyond

Half the battle of communicating with customers is getting connected. Having toll free numbers and an effective communications platform is one of the most effective ways for you to connect with your customers. Once your customers are on the line, Voice Analytics features go to work, unlocking a gold mine of conversational intel for you to better understand your caller. CallView360 offers a specialized set of speech analytics tools that inspect and report on the content of your calls for deeper insights and campaign optimization.

When looking ahead to the New Year, having the ability to be flexible and adapt to the changing trends will be one of your most powerful marketing tools. CallView360 Call Tracking features will allow you to adjust your strategy in real-time with accurate information gathered from your company’s existing phone calls. Call our RingSquared team for a live demo at 800-700-1987.