How to Maximize your Marketing: The Proof is in the Data

How to Maximize Marketing: Data is proof

In part three of our video series ‘Why you need to be using call tracking for your business’, our Director of Business Development, Chaz Garrity discusses the importance of looking at the data with DSM’s Director of Strategy, Dan Enrico. Read the transcript below to see how Call Tracking is bringing in more calls and improving our customer’s ROI. 

Dan Enrico: Just in general, you know, we talked about making the ad campaigns more efficient. We’ve talked anecdotally about call recording and some of that, but big picture, can you give us some kind of stats of what marketers, what kind of improvements and efficiencies they can see when they take advantage of something like this?

Chaz Garrity: I actually pulled some for 2019, I like getting a longer scope. So, CPL, cost per lead I’m sure you’re aware, we saw one of our clients decrease their CPL by 51%, when they added call tracking to their repertoire, right. So I think in 2018 they were like $133, CPL cost per lead. And then in 2019, they implemented Call Tracking and it came down to $66 less, literally a 51% decrease.

Dan Enrico: Wow.

Chaz Garrity: Interesting enough, we actually attributed in 2019, over 73% of all new revenue to inbound calls. Now we’re just like everybody else, we have chatbots, we have form fills all that stuff, 73% of new revenue came from inbound phone calls. And another one of our clients saw a 21% increase in revenue per lead with phone calls. And that’s because there’s a major upsell opportunity when you’re actually speaking to somebody. 

Dan Enrico: Yep

Chaz Garrity: And then another one of our clients had Google Ads forever. And in 2019, they implemented or, or combined it with calls as well. And they actually saw a one to one volume, almost a one to one volume in the amount of leads. So they put this Google Ad out there, you think digital it’s going to be a form fill or an email, right? 

Dan Enrico: Yeah 

Chaz Garrity: They saw 460 web forms and 423 calls, so almost a one to one volume. 

Dan Enrico: Wow. 

Chaz Garrity: And let’s be honest, the benefit there is, the calls are going to produce a higher conversion rate. So now it becomes such a bigger aspect and they’re basically doing the same thing they were doing before except including different call to actions and they’re getting better results.

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