Increase your leads using Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion

Call Tracking with Dynamic Number Insertion

Using a memorable toll-free number on your website is a smart way to increase leads and conversions. Now, with dynamic number insertion, call tracking can be used to pinpoint the online source of leads by toll-free number, much like marketers with dedicated toll-free numbers do on T.V. and radio.

How dynamic number insertion works:

Let’s say a customer wants to talk to a real person instead of filling out a form on a website. This happens often and serving these customers preferences will boost your online leads significantly.

You provide the customer this opportunity by adding a toll-free number to your website. What is interesting here is: depending upon the referring site, a unique TFN is automatically inserted so that you can track the source of each lead. That is dynamic number insertion.

Using dynamic number insertion, a marketer will know exactly which referring site a lead came from (e.g., Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.), whether the search was organic or paid, as well as campaign information such as ad group and ad text. Each user will automatically see a number to match the source they came in on. Now you’ll know which of your ads, including ad text, and sources are most effectively generating leads.

Additionally, dynamic number insertion enables you to track which keywords the callers originally entered when they were searching for your company.
The flow of information is tracked using the following hierarchy:

  1. Which search engine or referring site generated the lead.
  2. The keywords that were used to find the site.
  3. Whether it was organic or paid.
  4. If the lead originated through PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google Adwords or Bing, the ad group and ad text that brought the lead there is identified.
  5. Which ad group, such as Google Adwords, was responsible for originating the lead.

Dynamic number insertion requires dozens of toll-free numbers in some cases so that each of these variables can be tracked to a finite point. Each unique toll-free number is embedded in a referring string that is also unique. Therefore working with a partner who can provide you with the required volume of memorable toll-free numbers, and who can furnish the analytics required to help you optimize is crucial.

But imagine the advantages to a marketer! Now you can determine where your online phone leads are coming from both in terms of ads and keywords and optimize accordingly, increasing your lead flow and revenues.

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