Instant feedback: Tips for customizing your phone pitches in real time

Tips for customizing your phone pitches in real time

Most people working in phone sales have anecdotes about unexpected conversational turns taken by customers.

Even the most well-executed sales script can be derailed by customers who don’t react as we expect, which is why it’s important to learn to gauge custom responses and adjust your own words accordingly for ultimate success.

“Here’s the secret behind why the word pitch does not apply to a sales pitch: You aren’t trying to beat the other team, you’re on the same team,” advises Elise Musumano on “If you win, I win. You have a problem and I have the expertise with your peers to solve it. Let’s work together to get there.”

A few tips for customizing your phone sales according to real-time customer feedback:

  • Know the most common objections you can expect from customers in your industry, and practice appropriate responses ahead of time so they sound natural when you use them. Use real, everyday language instead of industry buzzwords. One effective method may be empathizing with his objection, offering new information that makes it easier for him to say yes, then asking if that might affect his decision.
  • Pace your conversation according to his verbal cues and tone of voice. Talk quickly if he talks quickly, but slow down if he seems in no hurry to wrap up your conversation.
  • If he seems disinterested in your company or product, ask questions that deliberately shift the focus toward him. People like to talk about themselves, and listening for clues about his pain points may help you switch up your approach.
  • Instead of immediately rebutting his objections, use expressions of assent as he speaks (“uh-huh,” “OK” or “I get it”) so he knows you’re listening to him instead of strictly following your script.
  • Repeat back your understanding of what he’s telling you, then circle back to whether your company or product might apply to his situation.
  • If he seems impatient or about to hang up, he may genuinely be too busy to consider your offer. Respect his time and ask if you can email or text him your information; he may be impressed enough to look at it later.

Sales is as much an art as a science; the trick is figuring out how to sell effectively to multiple customer personalities.

“The most successful salespeople listen 70 to 80 percent of the time so they can customize the presentations for their prospects or customers,” writes Ken Dooley on “Listening to a customer’s agenda is the only way for a salesperson to determine how his or her product or service can meet the customer’s needs.”

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