Quick Call Tracking Tips for your Agency to increase marketing ROI

Quick Call Tracking Tips for your Agency to increase marketing ROI

Information about callers can be used to inform a company’s marketing and product strategy in numerous ways. Just like internet-based analytics and tracking, phones can give your organization the leg up it needs to excel – certain practices can help you get the most out of call tracking for your business.

Making use of robust analytics software

An inbound call your company receives is perhaps one of the best leads you can get your hands on – a successful conversion is much more common from a phone lead compared to an online one. However, most marketers don’t make the most of this powerful resource. With call tracking technologies, you can gain insight into your callers’ intents and interests and use this information to bolster your marketing efforts.

Assembling profiles

It is important to use this information to build profiles on customers, allowing you to determine their likelihood of needing or wanting your products or services. Building qualified leads is one of the best uses of call tracking, companies often aren’t able to effectively utilize the data because of the technical know-how that is involved, according to Search Engine Journal. In these cases, ecosystems that have all the important analytical tools become very helpful!

CallView360 – What you’re looking for!

The CallView360 platform uses voice analytics AI to build detailed profiles on callers, including demographic and sentiment information. The platform eliminates the complicated process of manually collecting and analyzing information about all of your customers. Now, you can utilize the wealth of information you’ve collected from call tracking to find qualified leads while skipping the tedious steps of actually bringing it all together by yourself.

Keep track of your leads through all steps of the sales process

Tracking is a useful tool for gaining leads, but finding these likely customers does not mark the end of the process – in fact, it’s only the beginning. To use call tracking to its full potential, you should monitor your leads every step of the way.

Down the pipeline

Tracking caller satisfaction, sentiment changes and other metrics will allow you to discover weak spots in your phone infrastructure. Are you losing out on a customer that has previously shown nothing but enthusiasm for purchasing your products? Follow that thread to the sales team and make the improvements you need. Thanks to call tracking, you can examine your operations at both a macro and micro level, allowing you to identify problems and develop solutions to them no matter their size or scale.

Trying out AccuRoute

AccuRoute offers businesses the means to control the ways the calls they receive are routed. By inputting your own preferences and parameters, you can guide callers to the agents most relevant to their needs. AccuRoute ensures customers are connected to the best employee for the job in as few transfers as possible. Together with call tracking, you can diagnose issues with your phone systems and use AccuRoute to fix them on the spot.

Inform your non-phone marketing efforts by examining successful phone sales

Companies should also make use of their call tracking software to determine which sales result from phones and related changes made. According to BIA/Kelsey, calls to U.S. businesses from social, display or other paid ad campaigns have grown 110% since 2014. Calls are now a high-volume resource that allows you to track what is working outside of your telecommunications wheelhouse.

Surprising insight

When debuting a new marketing campaign, going after a new market segment or even changing your customer service hours, call tracking can be used to determine just what is working and what isn’t, based on how your callers are reacting to changes.

Through the analysis of keywords, demographic information, sentiments and other aspects of calls, you can determine just what caused a consumer to dial your company’s phone number. Determining the sources of calls and the motivations behind them allows you to see the overall impact certain decisions have had on your company’s performance.

The RingSquared solution

Our suite of phone management tools gives you the ability to adjust your strategy in response to accurate information gathered from your company’s phone systems. CallView360 has all the tools you need to track callers and build profiles on potential leads thanks to its powerful analytics AI system. And AccuRoute can be used to make sure that your calls are being received by the best people for the job, ensuring that your customers are satisfied with their experience dealing with your company.

Plus, with our online dashboard and accessible ecosystem, you can have all the information you could need at the tip of your fingers. With RingSquared, you’ll be easily maximizing your ROI for call tracking. Contact us today to learn even more about our call tracking and business phone solutions.

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