Ringing in sales: Call tracking is an efficient, effective marketing tool

Call tracking is an efficient, effective marketing tool

Q: What is call tracking?

A: The technology uses phones in conjunction with computer software to automatically track information about your incoming phone calls. That allows you to learn as much as possible about the caller before answering (i.e. name and location of caller, time and duration of call, which ad spurred the call and sometimes other demographic information). The conversations themselves are also frequently recorded for analysis.

Q: How is call tracking commonly used?

A: It’s often implemented as part of a pay-per-call marketing campaign where ads with phone numbers are strategically placed using different venues, copy and keywords and then measured for effectiveness. Ads placed on mobile allow the customer to call you with just a click. Advertisers typically only charge for completed calls precipitated by the ads through a system known as performance-based advertising. That allows for very effective measurement of ROI and close identification of a business’s key customer base.

Q: What are some specific advantages of call tracking?

  • Your pay-per-call campaign can be customized according to your budget (often based on the amount you can pay per conversion).
  • Data from multiple call centers can be integrated into one report for apples-to-apples comparisons; the data can then be utilized for multiple purposes.
  • Installing the technology is easy since call tracking is available on all types of incoming PTSN and VoIP telephone lines.
  • Systems can be aligned so callers can easily talk to other experts at your company beyond your calling center staff.

Q: How can my business maximize call tracking?

  • For selling purposes, calling center staff can use information provided to customize sales pitches on the spot.
  • Software such as our Intelligent Handshake can provide even more detailed info (i.e. income and marital status) on incoming callers, using sophisticated algorithms to predict which are most likely to convert.
  • You can filter and block invalid calls with an automated tool to ensure leads are real. Your ads can also be worded to exclude those disinterested due to price or other factors.
  • Calls can be custom-directed depending on several factors: including which calling centers are open at any given time; which centers are closest to the caller; which salesmen are most likely to make the sale; and/or with whom the caller last spoke.
  • You can better recognize which salesmen are performing the best and teach their techniques to other staffers and perhaps reward them with the best future prospects.
  • You can combine your campaign with organic search marketing to boost organic and paid Google search results. Higher rankings raise your profile as an industry leader.
  • You can use data from your reports for multiple purposes: including further advertising of all kinds; sales and customer service training; social media content and website content. Think downloadable white papers, blogs, infographics, FAQ pages, follow-up mailings, etc.

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