Show me the money: How call tracking can inform digital attribution

Show me the money: How call tracking can inform digital attribution

If you’re seeing success with your digital marketing, you’re part of a trend. U.S. spending in that segment is slated to hit $83 billion this year, a nearly 16 percent jump from 2016.

But reaping the benefits of the digital world (and digital attribution strategies) doesn’t mean you can’t use offline marketing strategies in conjunction. Oftentimes, integrating multiple marketing tools targeted toward other channels allows you to utilize the best benefits of each one as you reach a wider variety of demographics. For example, software that tracks and analyzes data about your incoming phone calls can take up where the last-click attribution of your digital marketing campaign leaves off.

“Considering the multiple channels a customer might interact with before making a call — search, social media, television, print ads and more — marketers miss critical opportunities if they focus solely on the last point of contact,” advises Nancy Lim in Search Engine Journal. “Savvy marketers understand this need for a more thorough understanding of each customer, which is perhaps why 38 percent of marketing execs use between six and 10 marketing tech solutions to paint a better picture.”

More ways call tracking tools can work for your digital marketing campaign:

  • They can inform on what digital ads are motivating customers to convert, at what times and under what circumstances. That clear view into ROI and cost per lead allows you to funnel marketing dollars into your best-producing campaigns. If you’re unfamiliar with the power of incoming calls, you may be amazed to find they produce 30 to 50 percent conversion rates compared to 1 to 2 percent for clicks.
  • They can optimize dynamic phone number tracking to determine exactly which ads, keywords, websites, web pages, social media venues or print ads are generating the best response.
  • They can optimize voice intelligence technology and sophisticated algorithms to provide insight on callers before phones are even answered.
  • They record calls so you can analyze them later for additional customer insights and ways of improving conversations and selling techniques.
  • They may encourage synchronicity between your sales and marketing departments by providing transparency of ROI. Use of common data helps ensure marketing personnel are generating good leads while sales personnel are following up.
  • They often integrate well with CRM systems including Salesforce.

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