Unify Your Customer Data with New Integration Options

call data integrations

Businesses rely on so many programs to run today – ecommerce software, website tools, POS programs, CRM’s, email management software, and more. How can you compile customer records and build customer behavior profiles with important information spread across multiple programs?

The easiest solution is to integrate your data into a centralized customer data platform!

Why Data Integrations are so Important

Customer behavior data provides extremely valuable insights into your customers – how often do they call? Do they make repeat purchases? Which ads do they respond to? What’s the average value of each customer?

By analyzing your customer data from all sources (sales information, call tracking, customer service and support cases, and more) you can create a complex, detailed customer profile. Learn more about using customer behavior to build profiles and grow your business.

But if you can’t easily pull that data together, your profiles might be missing important insights – that’s where integrations can help! By automatically pulling your data together in one spot you can quickly and easily see everything. Call and text tracking gives you hundreds of data points you can choose to integrate in multiple ways, depending on your needs and setup.

To help you integrate your call tracking and analytics data with your other customer behavior data, RingSquared offers three options to centralize your customer data wherever is easiest for you to view.

Pre-Built Integrations

Our pre-built integrations are the easiest to set up, requiring very little technical knowledge or skills. You’ll just need admin access to your other programs, and the ability to create advanced real time events (don’t worry, we explain how to do this) to push your call tracking data.

These integrations are built for the most requested programs our customers use, to send the most popular data points.

These include:

  • Google Analytics & Google Adwords
  • HubSpot
  • Salesforce
  • Netsuite

When you’re ready to set up these pre-built integrations, the Knowledge Base walks you through every step.

When should you consider a pre-built integration? When you are integrating with one of our pre-built software options and you don’t need to customize the data or integration beyond the basic options.

Do It Yourself Integrations

If you need more advanced options or customizations than the pre-built integrations offer, and you have the technical skills to built it, you can instead choose a do it yourself integration.

The Open API framework makes it easy to built a custom integration specifically designed to your unique needs, pulling data out of your call tracking and delivering it where you need. Please note, however, that because these are custom built integrations by clients, that our team does not support them.

When should you consider a do it yourself integration? When the pre-built options won’t work for your data needs and you have the skills in-house to build and support the integration.

Advanced Services & Custom Integrations

The final type of integration service is also a custom built option, but this time it’s built by our team. Not every business has the technical staff to build and support a custom integration that pulls data from multiple sources, and outsourced options can be difficult to setup and manage. Our in-house staff are experienced in building integrations and supporting them, and are extremely familiar with your call data already.

When should you consider a custom-built integration? When your integration needs are too intensive or unique to use a pre-built option or built it yourself in-house.

Want to Learn More About Integrating Your Customer Data?

Contact our expert team today to discuss your integration needs, we’ll help you find the best solutions for your business.