RingSquared at Digital Summit PDX

RingSquared Marketing Team Attends Digital Summit PDX July 12th & 13th, 2022

Two members of the RingSquared marketing team are looking forward to attending Digital Summit PDX July 12th and 13th, 2022 to learn new strategies, connect with agency partners, and research new tools and vendors.

The RingSquared Team

As an end-to-end communications provider, the RingSquared marketing team works quite often with our agency partners in supporting call tracking and analytics for marketing. RingSquared’s CallView360 and AI Analytics deliver valuable offline and online marketing attribution for both direct response and digital marketing campaigns. RingSquared supports our agency partners so that they can provide their clients with an entirely new channel of delivering and tracking inbound calls that are higher value leads and result in stronger conversion rates.

Keisha Shippy, our Marketing and Content Coordinator, along with Megan Andersen, VP of Marketing, will be attendance. Session takeaways include lifecycle marketing and attribution marketing models, to applying scrum/agile for a more responsive approach to marketing. Digital Summit PDX is  a valuable event to attend, and we look forward to more team members visiting a future Digital Summit event in their local areas.