RingSquared Takes on the Battle on the Bricks!

RingSquared at Indy Battle on the Bricks

This past weekend was one of adrenaline, speed, and pure racing passion, as the RingSquared team took to the iconic Indianapolis Motor Speedway for the Battle on the Bricks.

For many, the Indianapolis Motor Speedway is hallowed ground – a place where legends are made, and the spirit of racing is more alive than anywhere else in the world. Being there for one of the most anticipated races of the season was nothing short of exhilarating. With only one race left in the season, the Indy race was key in the close race for this year’s podium.

A Weekend of Racing Thrills

The Battle on the Bricks, being the penultimate race of the IMSA season, had all the heightened emotions you’d expect. Every turn and every lap seemed to hold significance as drivers pushed their vehicles to the limit, aiming for that top spot, and glory that comes with it. The sound of the roaring engines, the cheers of the crowd, and the sheer vibe of competition were non-stop.

Our team was right there soaking in all the action. While we may be experts in our respective roles at RingSquared, this weekend made amateur racing strategists out of all of us!

Beyond the Racetrack

What makes such weekends special is not just the races themselves, but the shared experiences. Whether it was the pre-race pit tours, indulging in the Speedway’s legendary track snacks, or simply engaging in banter with fellow fans, every moment was a memory in the making.

The Indianapolis Motor Speedway also has a rich history, and the RingSquared team took some time to appreciate this. From the Hall of Fame Museum to the Yard of Bricks, there’s a story behind every corner. It’s a reminder that while speed and technology are crucial in racing, it’s the stories, traditions, and people that make it truly magical.

As a IMSA partner, RingSquared has spent this year getting to know everyone involved in racing, talking with teams, and building connections on and off the track

Looking Ahead

As the racing season nears its grand conclusion, this weekend served as a beautiful reminder of why we love what we do. Passion drives us – whether it’s on the racetrack or in our daily work at RingSquared.

We’re pumped and ready to bring that same energy into our work, inspired by the twists, turns, and triumphs we witnessed. And as we gear up for the finale of the racing calendar, we’re reminded of our own goals and the finish lines we’re racing towards.

Thanks to both IMSA and the Indianapolis Motor Speedway for hosting us and for the incredible experience. Until next year, Battle on the Bricks!