Chunking Theory: Why Customers Remember 800 Numbers

Why Customers Remember 800 Numbers

Did you know that 800 numbers for business have proven to deliver one of the highest rates of return on entrepreneur marketing dollars? It’s true that 800 numbers establish trust by creating credibility among potential customers.

Small businesses often turn to 800 numbers for running promotions and boosting customer recognition. But why do customers instantly recognize 800 numbers?

It all starts with Science.

The Science behind 800 Numbers

The human brain is an amazing organ, but it does have its limitations. Developed by Dr. George Miller in 1954, the “Chunking Theory” maintains that the human brain can only recall three or four pieces of information in short-term memory. The Princeton University professor went on to claim that the minute storage of information acts as the brain’s coping mechanism to compartmentalize information.

Professional chess players succeed by applying this theory when they look at the board. They see the layout of the board 3 to 4 chunks which allows them to make their next play accurately and strategically in just a few seconds. Malcolm Gladwell buttressed Miller’s research by presenting findings of research conducted by Professor Dehaene in his bestseller Outliers. He shares evidence that the average memory loop only last for two seconds.

Now, think about how much information that you retain during a conversation with someone. You retain the information that is easiest to recall in short term memory. The “Chunking Theory” has implications for 800 numbers.

Pavlov’s Dog and 800 Numbers

Pavlov’s dog and 800 numbers have much in common. Like the dog anticipating food in response to a bell, consumers anticipate an 800 prefix number to represent toll free calls. The instant they hear advertisements blasting 800 numbers, consumers begin to chunk the ensuing numbers and committing the string of numbers to memory.
Since the 800 number rings loud and clear, marketers need to follow up the Pavlov’s dog like response with easy to remember numbers. A string of numbers that follows the 800 prefix sticks in the minds of customers. Think about how easy it is to remember the toll free number 800-200-2000. Two chunks of numbers that follow the 800 prefix only differ by the addition of a single zero.

800 Numbers Ring a Customer Service Bell

Marketers have successfully tied 800 numbers to customer care. Think about what light turns on in your head whenever you hear an advertisement that mentions a vanity number. You missed the ad’s content, but the mention of an 800 number immediately prompted a mental response of customer service.

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