Vanity 800 Numbers – The Sizzle of Toll Free Numbers

Vanity 800 Numbers

Vanity 800 numbers are one of the great ways of improving the image of one’s business. It is a great way of getting good returns on your investment in advertising. It is a great means of branding and advertising. Some of the most common vanity numbers are 1-800-FLOWERS and 1-800-MICROSOFT. The mnemonic words which are used in these vanity numbers can be 7 or more digits as shown in the example given above. To look for a number which is right for you, you just need a word or phrase that you would like your customers to associate your business with. Say for example you deal in motorbikes then you can add the word BIKE at the end of the vanity number.

The vanity number can also be created by using just the digits and can be a memorable one. Many of the businesses have got good response by using vanity numbers which are repeatable like that of the 8686, 1234, or 5555 and so on. These numbers have the capability of making an impression on your customers especially if it is done in a catchy manner, or if it’s mentioned on the billboards or magazine ads in large or interesting fonts. Since there is a growing popularity of the vanity numbers, it is seen that most of these numbers are already taken and here the job of the vanity number seekers starts.

The customers in search of appropriate vanity numbers initially come up with numbers which are very generic. Say for example, if someone wants to advertise popcorn then it is 1-800-popcorn, for mortgage they choose number 1-800-MORTGAGE or for plaster the number chosen is 1-800-PLASTER. However, these generic names do not give much information like why your popcorn is better or why your mortgage company is good. Now, if you have innovative vanity number like 1-800-QUICKLOAN or 1-800-FASTCLOSER it describes your business and also why it is better than others.

The future for toll free numbers looks good with the omnipresence of mobile phones. However, the flat rates for the long distance plans the toll free numbers may seem to be outdated. These innovations are around the telecommunication for a long time. The toll free numbers are still around and not only as a tool for just reversing the charges, it can be a used as a powerful tool by small and large businesses for branding.

Some of the tips for getting vanity numbers are:

  1. 1. The local numbers that are pointed to cannot be changed by the toll free numbers.
  2. 2. On one local number the customers can have more than one toll free numbers ringing.
  3. 3. To get the toll free service you do not have to go for the same company that provides you the local line.
  4. 4. It is wise decision not to look for the toll free number provider on the basis of price. One should also check the service provided by the company.
  5. 5. It is recommended not to limit oneself to 800 numbers as this will open up more number of possibilities.