90-Day Update: Continuing RingSquared’s Rapid Growth

RingSquared recently met for the 1st all-hands meeting 90 days post-acquisition of the Magna5 LLC telecom business. This meeting was to review of already completed initiatives and thank employees for all their hard work and dedication to RingSquared’s growth.

2022 Goals & Core Vision

At the 90 day meeting, RingSquared leadership unveiled new organization objectives, goals, and a vision statement to guide the many projects happening this year.

The customer-centric focus builds on company-wide improvements of RingSquared products, services, support, and systems with the core objective of improving customer experiences. With a vision toward improving and unifying systems, products, and processes across teams, RingSquared anticipates a strong year.

A Positive Company Outlook

It has been a very positive and productive 90 days into the newly formed RingSquared.  With existing brands Kall8 and Dial800, and the addition of the Magna5 telecom employees, teams are coming together to support the company and projects large and small, resulting in many wins already. These include:

  • The rollout of a new unified billing system for RingSquared customers, providing improved account management
  • Data migrations to centralize & merge information across brands
  • Continuing key infrastructure upgrades for improved connectivity, stability & performance
  • And more

Building on this momentum, ambitious goals have been set for the rest of 2022 to continue optimizing solutions and client services. RingSquared would like to thank all current customers for their support during this exciting period of growth.