RingSquared’s Employee-Driven Giving Empowers Dallas Dog’s Mission

RingSquared Employee-Driven Giving - Dallas Dog

At RingSquared, we believe in the power of giving back to our community. Through our employee-driven giving program, we have the privilege of supporting organizations that hold special significance to our employees. We are excited to share the inspiring story of Dallas Dog — an exceptional organization committed to providing crucial medication and care to animals in Dallas, who received a donation from RingSquared earlier this year in honor of one of our employees.

Shining the Spotlight on Dallas Dog

Dallas Dog: Rescue, Rehab, ReformDallas Dog is a remarkable non-profit organization that champions the health and well-being of animals in the Dallas, Texas area. With a profound dedication to homeless and abandoned animals, Dallas Dog’s team of devoted veterinarians, volunteers, and supporters ensures that each animal receives the care and attention they deserve.

Last year in 2022 alone, Dallas Dog saved 757 animals and adopted out 667 to their new loving homes.

Making a Meaningful Impact with Corporate Giving

Through our employee-driven giving program, we are proud to support Dallas Dog’s critical treatments, surgeries, vaccinations, and medications to improve the overall well-being of numerous animals in the Dallas area. Whether through volunteering, donating, or raising awareness, every small effort can make a significant difference in the lives of animals in need in our communities.

RingSquared Gives Back To Our Local Communities

Suzie Gornik, our Assistant Controller and animal lover, nominated Dallas Dog for a donation. Suzie recognized the alignment between Dallas Dog’s cause and RingSquared’s community support values, making her nomination of Dallas Dog an outstanding choice for our employee-driven giving program.

At RingSquared, our employee-driven giving program allows us to support causes that hold a special place in the hearts of our employees, as part of our larger commitment to the importance of corporate giving.