SD-WAN: Be an Enabler to Support a Remote Workforce

Your end user experience for cloud-delivered applications is only as good as the network transporting them

You have a business phone number now what

Organizations scrambling to support  work-from-home offices are continually experiencing unpredictable user experiences due to congested network traffic and unstable connectivity. Yet decentralized home employees expecting the same high-quality experience as when accessing their corporate network in the office.

Slow bandwidth connections, jittering, and poor voice quality may be hindering their ability to carry out business activities.

Purpose-built for Remote Working

Software-defined wide area network (SD-WAN) optimizes network connectivity wherever employees are located. Using a combination of error-correcting bandwidth management, traffic steering and link conditioning, SD-WAN ensures high availability of quality bandwidth for faster response to application flow.

Let’s take a look at how RingSquared’s SD-WAN solution enables you to create a more resilient network for your branch locations and remote users by leveraging the most cost-effective and bandwidth-rich WAN connections to improve voice and application performance.

  • Know what’s happening on your network – Our SD-WAN solution is supported by a rapid-response team working from RingSquared’s 24/7/365 Operations Center. Certified engineers have full visibility into your WAN networks where they troubleshoot and watch the characteristics and performance of each branch or remote connection. With insight into traffic entering and leaving your network, we have full understanding when you experience fluctuating peaks and valleys in traffic flow. This enables us to proactively alert, troubleshoot and optimize traffic flow in real-time.
  • Never worry about downtime or low bandwidth availability – Today’s anywhere, anytime-connected work environment uses a wide range of communication channels, including video conferencing and streaming, to collaborate across diverse geographical areas. With SD-WAN, RingSquared combines the benefits of cloud-based services with real-time traffic orchestration to ensure high availability of quality bandwidth for faster response and application flow. If a call is experiencing choppy jitter or latency, SD-WAN automatically corrects the struggling traffic connection and routes it to a better connection without a session drop.
  • Steer traffic bandwidth where it is needed most – Applications such as Salesforce, Microsoft 365, collaboration portals and video conferencing tools, like Zoom, Skype and Microsoft Teams, are high-priority applications for most organizations. SD-WAN applies policy parameters for traffic steering and application recognition that allow priority traffic to get from point A to point B without interruption or degradation.
  • Eliminate slow traffic with reliable application performance and quality voice connections – SD-WAN edge devices connected to RingSquared cloud gateways provide an extra layer of redundancy assuring failover to the best available circuit to improve voice quality and avoid downtime of critical applications. Whether using single or multiple connections, SD-WAN intelligently steers traffic from different connections into a single virtual overlay to improve real-time traffic performance. “Always-on” connectivity eliminates dropped calls that can have a huge impact on business revenues and user experiences.
  • Connect branch offices without the high up-front capital costs – SD-WAN enables you to improve your network resiliency without incurring the high cost of physically ripping and replacing expensive equipment. It is simple to deploy, with low-touch installation and point-and-click provisioning. You only pay a predictable monthly charge. Activation, configuration and ongoing management are handled in the cloud.

Are your traditional WAN networks struggling to support the new wave of remote workers with reliable connectivity? We can help – contact RingSquared to learn more.