Are Your Business Communications Secure? Ensure Security with These Standards

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Security is on every business decision-makers mind these days. However, people don’t typically think about their phone systems as a security risk. As attack methods get more sophisticated and data breaches happen more frequently, it is important that all aspects of your business are secured.

A phone system stores your customer and internal business communications on your IM, softphones, desk phones, and voicemail. Depending on your industry, these can contain sensitive information like health, financial, and personal data – all the things that you are required to keep secure and regulated under government compliance.

Businesses are utilizing cloud-based UCaaS, a cloud hosted PBX, to ensure security and compliance standards. Utilizing a provider that offers secure cloud access and 24/7/365 support can alleviate the pains of pesky internal management and phone system breach concerns.

Other features, like data encryption, compliance, and business continuity should be included as they are industry standards that can safeguard your customer and company data.

According to an IBM Security Report: The average global cost of a data breach is $3.86 million, which is a 6.4% increase from 2017.


Here are the top four security standards your business communications should include to protect the safety of one of your most critical systems.

24/7 Support

To assure the safety of your business communications, UCaaS is bundled with 24/7/365 support technicians that can supply knowledgeable expertise when it comes to issues with your hosted PBX. In a recent SANS survey, 59% of respondents indicated that a lack of trained security staff and skills were the biggest challenges when it came to threat intelligence and detection.

Having a knowledgeable staff on your side can ensure your business communications stay secure.

Data Encryption

Encrypting your mission critical data is paramount to the security of your Hosted PBX. Calls that are placed using the public internet are encrypted via a secure network to protect your data from threat actors.

Many times, UCaaS providers provide stronger encryption for calls, messages, meetings and recordings with functions like TLS and AES. Your UCaaS system will also have security features in an online portal that can help you manage access levels and features that can secure your private information.

Secure Data Center

A cloud-based UCaaS system will be stored in the provider’s cloud in their data center. Your system will be hosted on a server, accessible through a secure online portal that ensures that no mission critical data is vulnerable to compromise. The data center that is utilized should be certified in standards, like SSAE16 and SOC II, that confirm the validity of the provider’s system and service security measures.

The data center should also be protected against physical and virtual access by means of strong security controls. At RingSquared, we have partnered with only the most secure data centers in the world so you can have peace of mind that your data is secured.

Business Continuity

UCaaS can help your organization ensure communication continues in the event of a disaster. A cybersecurity disaster can strike at any time – organizations must be prepared and have a way for employees to communicate with customers, partners, vendors and each other.

With a UCaaS solution, communications can remain because features are accessed through a secure, online portal. You can forward your calls to another number, place calls from any device, and retrieve voicemails. This will provide peace of mind that you can continue business communications during a disaster.

Enhancing the way your organization handles security for business communications can help combat emerging threats and protect your business and customer information. Not only is it important to have internal security measures in place, it is imperative to trust a provider, like RingSquared, that meets the necessary compliance and security standards that you require, like SOC II and SSAE 16.

It’s no longer if a data breach can happen, it’swhen. Is your company’s business communications prepared to defend against a data disaster? If you can’t answer that question confidently, contact RingSquared today for more information.