Contact centers: Own the CX with the right tools to be memorable

Virtual call centers vs. on-site

By 2025, contact centers will morph into experience hubs and how they perform will be placed more clearly within the context of the overall performance of the business. They will no longer be just a reactive service silo focused on problem resolution or campaign-based selling, but they will be a proactive and interactive experience hub driving positive customer experiences. – Telesperience

According to a study Contact Center 2025: Trends, Opportunities, Strategies, “The contact center is dead – long live the experience hub!” The contact center is slated to evolve – from a call center supporting multiple channels of interaction with customers to an experience hub that is responsible for underpinning and driving the experience with prospects and customers.

No longer will frustrated customers, reduced customer loyalty or the loss of valuable cross-sell and upsell opportunities be tolerated in the future. Proactive and interactive experience hubs will drive the experience. The study predicts selling will no longer be a silo that is based around broad, internally focused campaigns and goals, but will be more personalized, more contextual, more dynamic and often more relationship-oriented. Selling will change from being about convincing customers that your product is right for them and persuading them to buy, to enabling customers to live their lives and run their businesses supported by you.

The key elements of an experience hub will include:

  • Cloud-based technology to open up silos and support virtual teams with 24/7 support
  • Omnichannel interaction, both front end and back end
  • Shared data from multiple departments for real-time insights
  • Smart routing and skills searching
  • Recorded video messages and memes in helping provide a more intimate experience
  • Interconnected networks for multi-site and remote workers
  • High-performance networks providing reliable availability, bandwidth and security

Contact Center-as-a-Service: Creating an Engaging and Memorable Experience

Contact Center-as-a-Service (CCaaS) solutions provide the foundational cloud-based platform to help organizations deliver a consistent and personalized omnichannel customer experience. We bring together a wide range of features for fast, intuitive interactions that make it easy for you to navigate the experience for both the customer and the employees managing the relationship. Our solution supports remote and multi-site agents with real-time analytics and reporting to give you true historical context so you can better manage and resolve customer issues faster … as well as boost revenue and improve customer loyalty.

Here’s how we’re doing it:

  • Inspiring interactions – Intelligent skills-based routing navigates users to the agent with the right skills to assist them. If short on time, queued callers can also request a callback and the next available agent will get their request. In addition, our real-time dashboards help supervisors monitor the platform in real-time, including wait times, service levels and number of people in queues.
  • Customer-centric channels – CCaaS rolls up voice, chat and email queues into a single, streamlined omni-channel experience. Customers can use the channel of their choice to contact your organization at any time. Convenient anywhere, anytime communications are possible with our unified cloud platform.
  • Increased interactivity – We can help you build auto-attendants that perform any number of tasks, from common to complex. Advanced interactive voice response (IVR) messages collect information about the caller’s needs and directs them to the appropriate department or agent. Web chats and virtual assistants also improve fast resolution offering online self-service options to help callers get what they need without an agent. You’ll never get lost in a sea of automated options and then end up waiting in a queue for 30 minutes.
  • In-depth insights – Real-time insights get agents into context quickly, helping to deliver more informed responses that shorten times to resolution. Plus, deep historical reporting helps improve future interactions. Agents can see recent touchpoints for a given caller so they are up to date on the customer’s journey and how they can more immediately address their situation. Prebuilt or custom reports can be generated on call distribution, service-level adherence, unanswered calls, post-call surveys and more.
  • Outstanding outreach – Dynamic notifications can turn your contact center into an outreach powerhouse. From simple appointment reminders to multi-channel marketing campaigns, dynamic notifications dramatically extend your organization’s reach while still respecting customer preferences.

Need help to ramp up a responsive contact center without incurring huge upfront costs? Let us help – contact RingSquared today to learn more about CCaaS.