Make Collaboration the Heart of Employee Communications with UCaaS

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Being able to easily connect with your customers, vendors, and fellow employees is key. Without it, employees miss deadlines, vendors miss deliveries, and employees are kept out of the loop on important account details. It’s a communications and collaboration disaster waiting to happen.

And, with a large majority of companies moving to remote workers who primarily use their smartphone as their main communications device, how do you ensure that employees are properly collaborating with who they need to?

Modern Remote Working Environment

Most employees these days are typically working across many devices – alternating between a phone, tablet, and their laptop. Think about a typical work day – do you spend most of your day in the confines of a desk or cubicle? The digital transformation of the business landscape has employees working from everywhere and at any time. Whether you are on a plane, in a car, or at a local coffee shop, collaboration has to be included with your day-to-day activities.

Gone are the days where people were forced to fly across the United States to conduct a meeting or send documents from office to office through snail mail. Business doesn’t wait around, and neither can your employees. Remote employees need to be in touch with fellow employees, vendors and customers, as if they are sitting right across from them in an office.

This need for flexible and mobile collaboration has employers seeking new ways to simplify how employees communicate in order to increase productivity; with one caveat, rich functionality without sacrificing budget.

RingSquared’s Unified Communication as a Service (UCaaS) is a powerful tool that allows organizations to simplify the way employees communicate and collaborate. This cloud-based phone system unifies all the tools one needs to collaborate with people near and far. Since UCaaS is hosted within the cloud, organizations have access to flexible usage, business continuity functionality, and a single-portal for user, location, and feature management.

Get Much More than a Business Phone System with UCaaS

But, it is much more than just a business phone system. You get access to collaborative tools like Accession app for mobile and desktop that keeps you connected wherever you are. Accession is a fully featured soft phone that enables employees to send and receive calls, view colleagues’ presence, send instant messages (IM), and video conferences from any connected device. Customers, vendors and fellow employees are now only one click away.

Collaboration will only improve with such a feature-rich platform. Quickly ask a question to a colleague that is located in another location through IM. Face-to-face video chat with a customer to close a deal like you are sitting right next to them without losing the personal touch. Record demonstrations to create webinars that can be sent to prospects and customers.

The possibilities are endless!

Make Collaboration the Heart of Employee Communications

RingSquared offers a sophisticated, flexible UCaaS platform that considers the needs of the SMB market and enterprises alike, and everywhere in between. Get maximum value out of your IT investment with a cloud phone system that includes all the applications you need from instant messaging, video conferencing and collaboration to calling, voicemail, and contact centers.

We can ensure that you are experiencing cost-efficiency while never limiting capabilities. Contact RingSquared today to discuss your UCaaS options.