Solving Enterprise Communication Issues with UCaaS

Simplify your enterprise communications with UCaaS

What types of phones work with cloud-based VoIP business phone systems?

Enterprise businesses are constantly struggling with communication challenges. Traditionally, business phone systems have been troublesome to implement because of their resource-intensive deployments and continuous management requirements. Moreover, organizations are relying on employees to conduct business remotely. As a business executive, how do you ensure that your employees can connect with who they need and when they need to – no matter where they are located or what device they are using?

Thanks to cloud-based hosted PBX, which is becoming more commonly known as UCaaS (Unified Communications as a Service), enterprise organizations can handle their communications holistically by unifying their communications needs. UCaaS offers a simple, cost-effective way to handle business communications because of its location in the cloud. The cloud offers organizations flexibility, deeper integrations, and connections like never before.

Here are some of the most common ways that a UCaaS phone system can help your enterprise business simplify complex communications issues.

Connect Multiple Locations and Remote Employees 

Connecting enterprise communications infrastructure is cumbersome, requiring heavy man power, expertise and resources. Organizations with multiple locations, remote employees, and customers across the world need an affordable and uncomplicated way to ensure productivity. Moving to a cloud-based solution allows organizations to bring mobility and flexibility into the workplace. UCaaS connects voice, video conferencing, presence, chat, file and desktop sharing, and mobility into a single service delivered via the cloud. Employees aren’t tied to a device and can move seamlessly between locations with softphone functionality, enabling shared workspaces when on-the-go.

A multi-channel communications system enhances internal communications and productivity, while augmenting the way employees connect with customers. Virtually meet with customers, vendors and partners as if you were sitting across from them with Accession video conferencing. With features like webinar functionality, recording, and chat you can ensure you are never missing an opportunity to conduct efficient business.

Improve IT efficiency and Business Continuity

Centralizing your communications creates a cost-efficient and productive way to communicate and collaborate with your fellow employees. Many times, organizations need to utilize multiple applications to handle video conferencing, chat, and voice. This creates multiple paths of management and sometimes expensive upgrades. When you get all your communications functions in one system, everything is in one place and upgrades happen automatically, and are typically included in the monthly per seat price – eliminating costly maintenance.

Management of your cloud phone system is completed in a secure online portal that has built in business continuity. Manage users and settings, enable services and equipment, route calls, update greetings, check voicemails all in one place and from any device! If a disaster strikes, communications can continue from the cloud via the online portal. You can manage your voicemails and easily forward calls to another device so you can still connect with your customers and employees in the event of a disaster.

UCaaS connects enterprise organizations with their employees, vendors, and customers with more efficiency and cost awareness by integrating all communications needs in one place. A centralized hosted PBX can maximize IT costs while ensuring you aren’t skimping on functionality and features.

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