Call Queue Management

Are you taking advantage of all the options in AccuRoute?

custom call routing and call queue management

Call routing and queue management are easier than ever with AccuRoute. Using a wide range of built-in rules and options, your business can create a customized system for handling inbound calls with ease.

There are two parts to handling an inbound call: how it gets routed within your system, and once it reaches its, how the queue handles the call.

If you haven’t updated your call management since you first set it up, or you’re just getting started with AccuRoute, knowing all your options will help you select the best call routing and queue management style for your business.

Decide How You Want to Distribute Incoming Calls

The first step to setting up new call queue management is to decide how you want inbound calls distributed to your agents. With AccuRoute, you can choose from these options:

  • Ring All rings all available agents
  • Least Recent rings the agent least recently on a call
  • Fewest Calls rings the agent with the fewest calls
  • Random rings a random agent
  • Round Robin Memory rings agents in a round-robin order, picking up where it last left off
  • Round Robin Ordered rings agents in a round-robin order, starting with the first agent in the list each time
  • Linear rings agents in the order they joined the queue
  • Random with Weight rings agents in a random order, prioritizing based on weight

If your system has multiple queues (one for the general line, one for customer service, one for sales, etc.) you can even set up each queue with different routine rules!

If your business needs change over time, you can also change your queue type at any time within AccuRoute. This flexibility allows you address increases in call volume, adding new agents, changes in business hours or phone coverage, and more.

Set Up Other Queue Rules

Once you’ve selected the queue distribution type, you can also add other options depending on your agent needs:

  • A whisper message that agents hear right before a call is connected, which can include how long the caller was on hold (useful for queues with long hold times)
  • Call-back or opt-out option for callers who do not want to wait in the queue and would rather request a call back
  • Announcement frequency to tell callers their place in queue
  • Agent wrap-up time between calls, giving agents a set amount of time to wrap up call notes before automatically being placed back in queue
  • Set a maximum number of callers in queue
  • Set a maximum wait time

With AccuRoute, you control the call routing from the time a customer dials your number until they are done speaking with an agent. If you want help setting up the best phone call routing, contact our expert team today.