Don’t Wait for Your Old Phone System to Crash

Invest in Critical Infrastructure Upgrades Before Emergencies Happen

Do you have a plan if your old phone system crashes? How do customers reach you to place orders, or ask questions about your products? How quickly can you get it repaired or replaced?

Don’t wait until something happens to ask yourself these questions and formulate a plan – your critical business infrastructure relies on quick answers and ready solutions to ensure your business stays up and running.

If you are looking at new voice solutions and asking yourself what the next step is, let our experts help you out. These two questions are the starting point for many clients looking at new options.

Why Should I Upgrade Phone Systems Now?

This is they key question we hear from clients most often as new services become available and they start to consider replacing older technology. If your phone system is starting to age out and become unreliable, there are two main reasons to upgrade.

First, Replacements & Fixes Become Harder to Find
As technology starts to be phased out, it becomes harder to find replacement parts and skilled technicians to work on your system. It takes longer to repair systems as you wait for specialty pieces to be ordered, and delays to critical systems like phone services can mean costly interruptions to your business.

One RingSquared client knew they needed to upgrade their phone system, but were overwhelmed by options and questions about cloud-based solutions and delayed making a choice until their phone system went down in the middle of the night. While their new cloud-based phone system performs great, a lot of stress could have been avoided if the upgrades had been made when problems with the old system were first identified.

RingSquared Testimonial from Access Compliance
Read the full Access Compliance case study to see how their new cloud-based phone system improved business performance

Second, Newer Options Offer Better Performance & Reliability
Even if your current business phone system works, newer options can offer you better performance and reliability.

As new solutions become available with better reliability than was available before, it makes sense for businesses that rely on their phone systems to update their solutions to take advantage of the performance increases. Right now copper POTS are being phased out and replaced by fiber or cloud-based solutions, so many businesses are starting to look at their new options and the benefits over their existing system.

What are my New Business Phone System Options?

Once you have compared pricing, performance, and reliability, it may make sense to replace an older system to get access to new features that will help your business. But what are these new options?

Cloud PBX: VoIP based business phone systems give you high-quality, secure access to premium voice calls with your customers and teams – all over your Internet connection! Cloud-based options give your business flexibility to connect multiple offices and locations, add new features, easily add new phone lines and extensions, and manage your system from anywhere with online portals.

UCaaS: Unified Communication as a Service, or UCaaS, is more than just a phone system. UCaaS integrates a wide range of essential business applications including phone, messaging, video calls and conferencing, voicemail and more into a unified, secure cloud-based platform.

SIP Trunking: If you’re not fully ready to replace your existing phone system yet, a SIP trunking solution is a possible bridge option. Designed to work with your existing on-premise or hybrid phone system, SIP trunks still give you premium connectivity and flexibility for future growth.

CCaaS: Designed specifically for contact centers, CCaaS (Contact Center as a Service) includes powerful management tools and agent roles to improve the efficiency and performance of your contact center. And CCaaS easily works with in-office and remote users, for better workplace flexibility.

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