Corporate Giving: Hudson Farm Foundation

Hudson Farm Foundation Logo
Founded in 2000, the Hudson Farm Foundation is committed to serving the community within local area of Sussex County, New Jersey, and has distributed more than $7,000,000 to date.

Originally an estate house built in 1904, the property now owned by The Hudson Farm Foundation began operating as a charitable organization and camp in 1920 under the Hudson Guild. Through the years the Hudson Guild supported children, families, and immigrants through their many programs and residential services. In 1997 the property was sold, and now operates under the Hudson Farm Club.

A Long History of Local Community Support
In addition to donations to the many local organizations and community services it supports through the Foundation, the Hudson Farm Club also hosts fundraising activities and charity hikes on the property to benefit local organizations.

See all the programs the Hudson Farm Foundation has supported over the years.

RingSquared’s Corporate Giving Programs

RingSquared’s donation to the Hudson Farm Foundation is part of our ongoing corporate giving program’s focus on giving back to those most in need. RingSquared’s corporate donations and sponsorships reflects our passion for helping others and building strong communities.

This donation from RingSquared is part of our dedication to community, women’s, and children’s services, a central part of improving the lives of those our communities.

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In addition to corporate donations, RingSquared also sponsors key client and partner charity events along with employee-driven giving.