Employee Giving: 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey

As part of our Employee-Driven Donation program, RingSquared recently made a donation to 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey, an pioneering non-profit providing educational and therapeutic services to students ages 3 to 21.

Located in Belleville, NJ, the mission of 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey is to assist all students with special needs to lead more active and productive lives. Through individualized education plans, extracurricular activities, summer programs, and their comprehensive therapeutic approach, 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey has supported their students and families since 1946.

In addition to preschool, grammar school, and high school programs, 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey also provides scholarships through the Louise C. Nacca Memorial Scholarship for Educational Aid to the Disabled.

1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey was nominated for an Employee-Driven Donation by Joe Mullin, VP of Network Services at RingSquared. Joe’s son received a scholarship from 1st Cerebral Palsy of New Jersey, and he continues to support the organization every chance he gets.

RingSquared’s Employee-Driven Donation Program

RingSquared’s employees are passionate about giving back and being involved in their local communities, from fundraising for important projects to volunteering at animal shelters.

Throughout the year, RingSquared donates to an organization or sponsors an event nominated by a RingSquared employees to continue their important work.

Together with our teams spread across the United States in Florida, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Washington, and more, RingSquared and its employees are making a difference and working toward a better future.

Learn More About RingSquared’s Other Giving Areas

In addition to employee-driven donations, RingSquared also sponsors key client and partner charity events along with corporate giving.