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In today’s hybrid work environment, staying in tune with your team’s activities is more important than ever. Whether you’re collaborating with colleagues in the next room or across continents, a simple conversation to check in and collaborate can make a world of difference in communication. Enter RingSquared, your go-to solution for seamless connectivity.

But how easily can you spot when a coworker is online and readily available to call or chat? With RingSquared UCaaS, the answer is – very!

Why is Employee Presence Vital to Digital Working?

When you go to make a call or send a meeting invite, real-time visibility into your coworker’s online status is critical.

  • Efficient Collaboration: Knowing when team members are available ensures that your collaboration efforts are timely and effective. Say goodbye to the guesswork of whether someone is busy or not.
  • Enhanced Productivity: When you can quickly spot who’s online and who’s not, there’s no time wasted while you wait for an answer. The result? A smoother workflow and better overall productivity.
  • Cohesive Remote Teams: For remote or hybrid teams, a clear view of each member’s presence can significantly bridge the physical gap, fostering a sense of unity and cohesion when you work together during the day.

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The Importance of Voice, Video & Chat

So what is the best way to connect with your team, once you have the RingSquared platform?

  • Voice: Call your teammates from your phone, cell phone, or computer any time for the easiest, fastest way to check in on projects and get updates! RingSquared users call each other all day long, whether they are across the building or across the country.
  • Video: You don’t have to be in the same room to meet face-to-face with convenient video calls! Collaborate together in meetings, share screens to see what other teams are working on, and enjoy that personal connection with all your coworkers.
  • Chat: You can still instantly reach out to your team without taking the time for a call or video meeting with chat and instant messaging. Share notes, pass along updates, and ask a quick question just as easily as working side-by-side in the office.

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Future Proof Your Team Communications

As the corporate landscape continues to evolve, tools that foster effortless communication and collaboration will be paramount. RingSquared is committed to equipping businesses with such tools, helping them stay ahead of the curve.

Request a RingSquared demo and get your team connected in the new year:

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