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Increase Social Media Posts

Snowball effect: 13 ways to get social media posts rolling

So you’ve launched a sound social media campaign, and now you’re seeking more traction in terms of the number of people viewing your content. Going the extra mile to make . . . CONTINUE READING

Clubhouse- Using voice to CONNECT, social media

Why Clubhouse, the latest social media platform, is using VOICE to connect

Have you heard of the newest social media platform, Clubhouse? Currently limited to celebrities, influencers, and industry leaders including Drake, Oprah, and Elon Musk, Clubhouse has started to expand its . . . CONTINUE READING

Integrate Dial800 data to see if Marketing works

Integrate Call Data to See If Your Marketing Works

If you’ve spent a lot of time and money on a new ad campaign or product launch, you want to know the results. How are you tracking campaign ROI and . . . CONTINUE READING

Business planning made simple: Marketing Tools

Business Planning Made Simple: Best Marketing Tools for 2021

Thanks to the current business climate, companies in almost every industry have had to reassess their marketing and advertising strategies. The sudden shift away from brick-and-mortar stores to an eCommerce-centric . . . CONTINUE READING

How to Maximize Marketing: Data is proof

How to Maximize your Marketing: The Proof is in the Data

In part three of our video series ‘Why you need to be using call tracking for your business’, our Director of Business Development, Chaz Garrity discusses the importance of looking at . . . CONTINUE READING

Call Recording, top 5 reasons

Top 5 Reasons to use Call Recording for your Business

  In part two of our video series with The DSM Group, our Director of Business Development, Chaz Garrity, talks about the importance of call recording and the ways your . . . CONTINUE READING

Dial800 Releases their Newest Outbound call tracking feature

4 technology tools your agency needs to better manage projects

Technology has no doubt become an agency’s best asset for managing projects across departments and industries. Internally, agencies rely on the best project management tools to share work and keep . . . CONTINUE READING

Optimize Your Business with Today’s Tech

It’s 2020… Optimize Your Business with Today’s Tech!

Is your brand leveraging the tech-tools available to measure business metrics? If not, you are behind the better-informed competition. Today, companies have unprecedented access to the statistics that could improve . . . CONTINUE READING

The Role of Business Phone Solutions

Marketing with Integrity During National Crises: The Role of Business Phone Solutions

In the wake of the COVID-19 outbreak, business leaders across the world are having to make difficult decisions about the future of their companies. Social distancing – along with the . . . CONTINUE READING

Use Your Business Phone Line to Stay Connected With Customers

5 Ways to Use Your Business Phone Line to Stay Connected With Customers

In the wake of the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, many businesses are struggling to keep operations running smoothly and customers engaged with their products and services. The possible long-term economic impact . . . CONTINUE READING