Why Integrate with Google?

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From being a go-to search engine to managing the ads you see, Google is a key tool for navigating the online world. Google Analytics and Google Adwords integrations are two of our most common data integration requests because it helps attribute your call data to specific digital marketing campaigns along with all the data Google provides.

Why Integrate Your Call Tracking Data with Google Analytics & Ads?

To see how your marketing efforts are performing and track campaign ROI, you probably ask yourself these questions:

  • How many people saw our ad? How many clicked on our ad?
  • How much traffic was there to the landing page?
  • What search terms directed people to your website?
  • What sales did we get from this ad or landing page?
  • Did one type of ad or landing page drive more traffic or sales?
  • How are PPC ads performing? Does spend need to be adjusted?

By placing unique tracking numbers on your website, landing pages, or in your Google ads, and then integrating call data into Google, you can easily track the calls and customer communications driven by your campaigns and their resulting sales.

This digital marketing attribution is essential for getting a complete view of your digital marketing, helping you make more informed decisions about current spend and future campaigns.

Integrating with Google

There are several ways to integrate this data into your Google Analytics and Google Ads dashboards:

  • Send calls as Real-Time Events
  • Track call conversions as part of a goal
  • Through DNI to track visitors on your site
  • And more!

Basic Google integrations will send standard data about your calls, while advanced tracking can be as granular and detailed about your campaigns as you need using custom parameters.
The flexibility of our open API allows you to set up these integrations however your business needs.

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