What Are Real-Time Events?

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If you want to integrate call tracking data points into your other programs, Real-Time Events are your easiest and most customizable option. Our Real-Time Events feature gives you flexibility to integrate separate programs without requiring you to write code or hire an IT team.

Using Real-Time Events

Real-Time Events can be used in many ways to integrate your data when and where you need it. Thanks to our open API framework you can integrate our software with many other programs your business uses.

Some of our clients use Real-Time Events to:

  • Send qualified call results into Google Analytics for conversion goal tracking
  • Trigger email notifications each time an incoming call gets a busy signal, so the call isn’t abandoned
  • Format call data for digital marketing attribution & reporting
  • Track ring time on incomplete, no answer, and busy calls
  • Track PPC search term results with qualified call conversions
  • Send inbound calls to CRM software to create leads and contact records for follow up
  • Send overflow routing email alerts to determine when to add more tracking numbers

Using Real-Time Events to make sure calls are answered and leads are created are just some of the ways we help your business get the results you need!

How Real-Time Events Work

Setting up a Real-Time Event lets you control how data is integrated into your programs. It starts by choosing the triggering event type (call or text), setting the filters that determine which calls are included in the Real-Time Event, and selecting what data to include in the Real-Time Event.

You also get total control over the destination and format for sending the information. Options include email or an email attachment, FTP, SFTP, HTTPS Post, URL encoded, or custom integration. This flexibility for data integrations makes Real-Time Events a powerful tool for your business’s customer interactions. Never miss a call or sales opportunity again!

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