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What’s easier to remember, a random string of numbers or a word? When it comes to the attention span of a customer or potential customer, you want to be quickly recognized and remembered – and that’s where vanity phone numbers come in!

What Are Vanity Phone Numbers?

Toll free numbers, with prefixes including (800), (866), and (888), are numbers that can be called at no charge to the caller. Toll free numbers are most often used by businesses, making it free for customers to call you.

Vanity numbers are a specific type of toll free phone number that uses a pattern of numbers to spell out a word or phrase. Imagine a dog grooming business where the phone number spells out 1-800-WASH-DOG, which is easier to remember than 1-800-927-4364.

Vanity numbers give your business two key benefits:

  • They are the easiest types of toll free numbers for to remember
  • They reinforce brand identity & awareness by using your business name or a related word or phrase

Vanity numbers are often used in TV and radio ad spots, in print advertising, in PPC ads, and on websites; thinking of which words or phrases you want to use in your ads and design may help you select the best vanity number for your business.

How Much Can Vanity Numbers Help?

In one study, memorable phone numbers increased calls in response to TV and radio ads between 25% and 69%!

For this test, three ad agencies ran A/B tests comparing random toll-free numbers and memorable toll-free numbers, tracking how many calls each TV and radio ad generated. In all three instances the memorable phone numbers drove more calls and increased sales.

Another TV ad study, following up on that report, tested a vanity number against a random number and saw a call response increase of 46%! In addition to increasing calls, the TV ad with the vanity number saw 45% increased sales and reduced the cost-per-lead by 31%.

Memorable toll-free numbers, like vanity numbers, are easier to remember and recall when your customers want to reach you and help drive more sales – the goal of every business. And they aren’t just for large corporations; vanity numbers are used by businesses small and large who want an easy, memorable way for customers to contact them.

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