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To call a phone number in another country from your RingSquared UCaaS system, dial 011 (the International Direct Dialing number for the United States), then the country code, then the area or city code, and then phone number.

For example, an international number may look like: 011 44 20 7323 8299

Dialing an International Number Using RingSquared

Dialing an international phone number is the same with RingSquared as with any other provider service. If you work at a business, your phone system may require that you dial 9 first to get an outside line, please keep that in mind.

When dialing an international phone number, you may hear a tone after you have dialed the last digit. When this occurs, it is a prompt for an account code that was implemented when your service was ordered. If the code is not entered in the allotted time, your call will fail. Learn more about using account codes with RingSquared.

Short List of Country Codes

93     ––  Afghanistan
355   ––  Albania
213   ––  Algeria
880   ––  Bangladesh
375   ––  Belarus
32     ––  Belgium
501   ––  Belize
284   ––  British Virgin Islands
04     ––  Honduras
852   ––  Hong Kong
36     ––  Hungary
354   ––  Iceland
91     ––  India
62     ––  Indonesia


Questions for Our Team?
This article walks you through making international calls with RingSquared. If you have any questions about the RingSquared UCaaS not covered here, please contact the RingSquared support team to create an online ticket or call 800-427-Ring.

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