Key Benefits of Call Tracking

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Knowing where a customer saw your number and why they called gives you powerful insights into your business – are people responding to your ads? Are specific types of ads (PPC vs TV) performing better? Which landing pages are people visiting, and which page generates the best converting calls? Which keywords are driving more calls or website traffic?

With call tracking you get answers to all these questions.

The Benefits of Call Tracking Software

Call tracking helps you connect customer actions, like a call or text to your company to place an order after seeing an ad, with data points you can analyze. When you can better attribute customer actions and communications, you can make more effective decisions about where to focus your business efforts.

With call tracking software you can:

  • Get key caller demographic information to better understand your customers
  • Spot patterns in high volume call times, caller locations, and other details to create the most efficient call flows & routing plans
  • See which keywords are driving the most call and text conversions & focus your ad spend on those high-performing keywords

Essential Call Tracking & Analytics Data

There are many ways you can track and report on your call traffic with CallView360® call tracking.

Each call that flows through the CallView360® platform has hundreds of data points associated with it automatically, and you can use several types of tags to add additional information to your call records.

With CallView360® call tracking you can see:

  • Direct response media attribution with location, spot, day of week/time of day response tracking
  • The PPC keyword and ad group of calls driven by digital marketing campaigns
  • Tracking of organic, referral & social campaign-driven calls
  • Customizable tagging to assign other data points you want to track
  • Customizable AI-driven keyword detection
  • Caller demographics to better understand your target market
  • Sales associated with your calls
  • Easily managed Dynamic Number Insertion for your digital marketing
  • Customizable, automated reporting with filters for 100s of data points

Data Integrations

If you want to track a call driven from paid search or social campaigns, you’ll want to integrate your campaign data with your call and text conversions. With multiple integration options that allow you to easily push CallView360® data into other programs and pull their data in, you can create comprehensive results reports with all the information you need to evaluate marketing and sales performance.

Standard integrations include Google, Salesforce, and HubSpot, but the open API and integrations options make delivering data to any endpoint easy. Learn more about integration options.

Call Tracking & Reporting

With all the data points available, you’ll want an easy way to run reports and focus on the most important information:

  • CallView360® built-in analytics
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicator) dashboards
  • Call Details view
  • Customizable reports that can be automated

Learn more about your reporting options to evaluate all your call tracking data.

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