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Star codes are a convenient option for turning features on and off for your RingSquared UCaaS user account, including popular features like call forwarding options, do not disturb, and more. You can also update voice feature settings in the at online management portal, the RingSquared mobile app, and the RingSquared desktop app.

The table below outlines the star codes for your RingSquared UCaaS system.

RingSquared UCaaS Star Codes

Feature  Enable  Disable  Notes 
Anonymous Call Rejection  *77  *87   
Automatic Recall  Two-Stage Activation  *69 and 1  *89   
Busy Call Forwarding  *90  *91  *90 then the phone number call is forwarded to 
Call Barring  Bar All Except Emergency Calls  *341  *351   
Call Barring  Bar Premium Rate Calls  *346  *356   
Call Barring  Bar Calls to Access Codes  *345  *355   
Call Barring  Bar International Calls  *343  *353   
Call Barring  Bar National and Mobile Calls  *342  *322   
Call Barring  Bar Operator Calls  *344  *354   
Call Hold  *52     
Call Pickup  Pick UIncoming Call  *11     
Call Trace  One-Stage Investigation  *57     
Call Trace  Two-Stage Investigation  *57 and 1     
Call Waiting with Caller Id  *65  *85   
Calling Name Delivery  *65  *85   
Calling Name Delivery Blocking  Single Call  *67  *82   
Cancel Call Waiting  *70     
Delayed Call Forwarding  *92  *93  *92 then the phone number call is forwarded to 
Directed Pickup  *12     
Do Not Disturb  *78  *79   
Find-Me-Follow-Me  *102  *103   
Last Caller Id Erasure  *320     
Off-Premises Extension  Exclude Other Line  *58     
Pin Change  *319     
Priority Call  Configure  *61 or *81     
Reminder Call  Individual Call  *310     
Reminder Call  Check Individual Call  *313     
Reminder Call  Disable One Individual Call  *312     
Reminder Call  Disable All Individual Calls  *311     
Reminder Call  Regular Call  *314     
Reminder Call  Disable One Regular Call  *316     
Reminder Call  Disable All Regular Calls  *315     
Reminder Call  Check Regular Calls  *317     
Selective Call Forwarding  *63 or *83     
Selective Call Rejection  *60 or *80     
SlimRing  *100  *101   
Speed Calling  Add One-Digit Code  *74     
Speed Calling  Add Two-Digit Code  *75     
Speed Calling  Speed Dial Using a Code and #       
Unconditional Call Forwarding  *72  *73  *72 then the phone number call is forwarded to 
Voicemail  Retrieve Messages  *15     


Questions for Our Team?
This article walks you through the essential star codes for RingSquared. If you have any questions about the RingSquared UCaaS not covered here, please contact the RingSquared support team to create an online ticket or call 800-427-Ring.

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