Using Verizon Star Codes with RingSquared

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The table below outlines the most important calling codes if you have phone service using Verizon. For a detailed explanation of each feature, download and view the Verizon Calling Features Guide (PDF).

Verizon Calling Features Guide
Download the full Verizon Calling Features Guide (PDF)

Verizon Star Codes

Verizon Feature User Guide 
Feature  Enable  Disable 
*69 Call Return  *69  *89 
Anonymous Call Rejection  *77  *87 
Anonymous Call Block  *77  *87 
Busy Redial  *66  *86 
Call Block  *60  *80 
Call Forwarding  *72  *73 
Call Forwarding Busy Line  *90  *91 
Call Forwarding Busy Don’t Answer  *92  *93 
Call Forwarding Busy Line/Don’t Answer (Variable)  *42  *43 
Call Trace  *57   
Call Waiting  Flash/Hookswitch   
Cancel Call Waiting  *70  Hang up 
Do Not Disturb  *64   
Per Line Blocking (Selective)  *67  Hang up 
Per Line Blocking (Complete)    *82 
Speed Dialing 8  *74   
Speed Dialing 30  *75   
Three-Way Calling  Flash/Hookswitch   


Questions for Our Team?
This article walks you through the making calls over Verizon with your RingSquared UCaaS. If you have any questions about the RingSquared UCaaS not covered here, please contact the RingSquared support team to create an online ticket or call 800-427-Ring.

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