What is Dynamic Number Insertion?

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If you want to know how successful your digital ads are, you need to track the phone calls, clicks, and sales they generate. Dynamic Number Insertion (DNI), managed through your powerful CallView360® and AccuRoute® software, helps you place unique tracking phone numbers into your landing pages so you can generate meaningful call conversion insights for better marketing analysis.

How Does Dynamic Number Insertion Help Your Call Tracking?

Using DNI tracking allows CallView360® to pass important caller data points including:

  • Online channel source (organic vs PPC, social media, referral & affiliate programs, etc.)
  • PPC campaign AdGroup, keywords & source
  • Lead source & lead source detail
  • Landing page on your site
  • Last page visited when the visitor called

This type of data is essential in evaluating the ROAS of your campaigns and deciding your marketing spend. When you know which digital ads are creating the most leads and sales, you know where to focus your attention.

How Does DNI Work?

CallView360® makes it easy to set up dynamic tracking with groups of numbers that come with your call tracking plan, or you can reserve additional numbers through your CallView360 account.
Each of your unique DNI numbers is assigned to a user who visits your website or landing page that contains the DNI script, allowing CallView360® to track their activities including the pages they visit, their source, and the calls they make to your company using the DNI number.

After a set amount of time (often based on average visit length to your site), that number is returned to your DNI pool and automatically assigned to the next website visitor.

DNI Integration with Other Programs

Which programs can you integrate into DNI tracking? The flexibility of CallView360® allows you to use DNI in many ways, depending on your needs.

Our most common integrations include Google and Bing Ads, Facebook PPC ads, HubSpot CRM software, and more. Integrating with these programs makes your reporting more targeted – for example you can tie DNI calls to your Call Conversion Goals within Google Analytics and Adwords.

Web Tags, UTM & Other Parameters for DNI

When setting up DNI, you will also have access to new, automatic web tags that will populate with important digital attribution data points, as well as an option for setting up additional PPC and UTM parameter tracking.

These automatic web tags are collected with the DNI Ring Pool tracking script and displayed with your call data.

Automatic Web Tags types:

  • Referrer Type: The channel your caller came in from including Organic, Referral, PPC & Direct
  • ReferrerPPC: If the Referrer type is PPC, then ReferrerPPC displays the PPC source such as Google, Bing, or Facebook
  • Referrer Host: The specific web address of the site the caller came from
  • Entry Path: The landing page your caller visited 1st on your website
  • LastView: The web page your caller was on when making the call to your business

Google Ads and Bing utilize their own valuetrack parameters for tracking campaign information for the most common data points, or you can create your own for any other information you need from them. UTM parameters track source, campaign, content, and more related to the user you are tracking via the DNI number; you can use the standard UTM or set your own custom ones.

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