How to Synchronize a Yealink Handset with the Base?

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Synchronizing a Yealink handset, like the W56H wireless DECT handset, to a base is a quick process. Follow these steps to connect them:

  1. Press the OK soft key on the handset, and then select Register Handset
  2. Select the desired base and then press the OK soft key – the handset will begin to search for the base
  3. Press the OK soft key after connecting to the base successfully
  4. Enter the base PIN (default: 0000), and then press the Done soft key to complete registration

You can also use Easy Registration mode, by pressing the Reg soft key on the handset to register it with a base.

If your office has multiple base units, for example, one on each floor, you can synchronize the handset to both units so the phone can be used throughout the building. As you move from the first to the second floor it will search for the strongest connection, automatically switching over between them as you move.

Up to five handsets can be registered to one base station, and each handset can be registered to four base stations.

Follow these steps to synchronize with more than one base:

  1. First, follow the steps above to synch the handset to each base
  2. Select the option BestBase on the handset in your menu Settings > Registration > Select Base
  3. Once synched with the bases, your handset will automatically search for the strongest connection strength and connect to the best base, transferring your calls between bases
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