How do I Retrieve a Parked call on a Mitel Phone?

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How Do I Retrieve a Parked call on a Mitel Phone?

Perform the following to retrieve a parked call, which takes the call off hold to become an active call again. Use the following instructions for the brand of phone used.

Using IP 400 Series Phones

  1. While the phone is on-hook (no dial tone), press the Unpark soft key.
  2. Dial the 4-digit code or extension number that was used to park the call.


If the call was parked on a Cisco phone, for step 2, do the following instead of dialing the 4-digit code or extension number:

  1. Enter “3377”.
  2. If there are multiple calls parked by Cisco phones, select the desired call from the list of calls that appears. If there is only one call parked by a Cisco phone, there will not be a list. Proceed to step 3.
  3. Press the Unpark soft key again.

You can retrieve all parked calls that you have permission to retrieve (pickup), but a list of these parked calls is not available on IP 400 Series Phones. However, you can view your parked calls when you are logged into your Phone Assistant.

Cisco 7900 Series Phones

  1. Press the More soft key.
  2. Press the Park soft key. A list appears displaying parked calls and the extensions that parked the calls.
  3. Use the PageDn and PageUp soft keys to view additional parked calls.
  4. Use the scroll button to highlight the desired parked call and do one of the following: Press the Select soft key to retrieve (pickup) the parked call, or Press the Details soft key to view the calling number and number (if available) for that parked call.

From the Details screen, do one of the following:

  1. Retrieve the parked call: Press the PickUp soft key and then engage the call via handset, speakerphone, or headset. (If you engage the call first, you will receive a dial tone and return to the main screen on your phone).
  2. Return to the previous screen: Press the Exit or Back soft key.
  3. View the list of parked calls: Press the List soft key (or the Back soft key if List is not an option).
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