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With our open API framework it is easy to integrate data from other programs or integrate your call data into those other programs. Seeing all your data in one spot makes it easier to review and gives you a more complete understanding of your marketing campaigns and reporting.

Pre-Built Data Integrations

For our most requested data integrations, our development team has already pre-built standard integrations for you to plug in – just follow the steps outlined in each article:

Custom Integrations

Do you want to integrate call data into a program not listed above, or with a custom option that’s not available in the pre-built integrations? Our development team is here to help you out by designing and implementing a custom integration!

If you’re interested in a custom integration, contact our team to get started today.

Do It Yourself Integrations

If your business has the skillset to build your own custom integration, you can take advantage of our open API format to set up your own integrations! This allows you to create the exact integration you want, set up how you want, delivering the data where and how you want.

Please be aware with this Do It Yourself option, however, that our support team is not involved in setting up or trouble shooting the integration.

RoundTrip® & Call Center Integrations

If you need to integrate data from multiple sources, consider using RoundTrip® integration. RoundTrip takes data and standardizes it so you can easily compare information using the same metrics.

This option is popular with call centers with multiple locations, each using different call center software and agent tracking data points. By using a RoundTrip integration, your business can quickly evaluate the call conversions or revenue generated by each call center because they are all using the same RoundTrip data points.

Other Data Integrations

In addition to the integrations listed above you can integrate data into call center programs, customer record management software, sales and business back-end programs, and much more.

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