How do I Update MLHG Algorithms?

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How do I Update MLHG Algorithms? (Admin) 

  1. Sign into the appropriate site with your access credentials. 
  1. Navigate to “Hunt Groups” section on the left-side of the screen. Then click “Hunt Group Members” near the top of the screen. 

Hunt group members


This shows the current users that are in the MLHG and the position they are in for some of the MLHG setting algorithms. 

  1. To access the Hunt Settings, click on the “Settings” button which will open a drop-down for the Hunt Settings. 

Hunt group members

  1. From the “Call Distribution Algorithm” drop-down, you will see the following options 


Follows the order you have the Hunt Members organized in. 


Uniform (Round Robin) 

Uniform (Longest Idle) 

Ring All 

Rings all phones simultaneously. 

hunt group

Select your preferred Distribution Algorithm then click “Apply”. 


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